Don't just take our word for it...

“If you are looking for another barre or workout place to just lose weight and get in shape FWRD is not the place!

FWRD is a place where if you attend consistently can take you as a human being to a whole new level. It is not a quick fix and a magic pill. If you have a desire to be the best version of yourself, in all areas of your life, FWRD and the team will be your best team on this journey! All you have to do is just SHOW UP! The instructors at FWRD are committed, energized, positive, caring and invested in your betterment. The workout is a combination of mind and body movement, essential to stay focused and in the moment. If your mind diverts itself, you will lose it!

FWRD is my medicine, my mindfulness, my first breath in the morning, and I can't imagine my days without it. Your physical appearance becomes a by product of the routine. The part you work on is your inner strength, and your powerful brain!! Come and join us at FWRD if you want to elevate your human spirit.”

— Mazi

“The atmosphere is very inviting and the classes meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey.

The instructors are helpful and available consistently. If I get lost in the movements they don’t single me out, but rather encourage and come next to me to perform the motion for me to replicate. They have all personally introduced themselves to me and recalled my name from class to class. There is a real sense of unity and friendship at this place. I highly recommend FWRD! You will not be disappointed in the workouts!! It’s worth the money and quite reasonable.”

— Erika V.

“I’ve experienced every workout in many gyms in both CA and AZ.

There is not another place that supports ALL bodies at ALL levels of fitness to support your mind, body, and spirit as you make your progress like FWRD. Their focus on alignment, the extra amenities of eucalyptus towels after cardio and interval classes, and the quality child care make FWRD the best fitness studio in San Diego. Thank you for 3 years of progress that I couldn’t even imagine and I can’t wait to experience what’s still coming.”

— Jessie M.

“Absolutely love this studio!

The instructors have amazing energy which keeps you going when the workout gets tough! Every week there are great mantras to follow both in the gym and in your day to day. All the women who attend class are there to support you along the way and I’ve never felt intimidated or judged. I love how supportive everyone is, definitely makes for a safe, fun environment.  I love FWRD!”

— Jaclyn A.

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