Not your typical Boutique Fitness Experience

We understand that there is no one size fits all path towards health and healing. But we also know that there is something magical about moving, growing and healing in community. That’s why we have created FWRD+ wellness collective. A space that brings a variety of unique healing modalities together under one roof. Whether you need to strengthen your body through movement, heal your mind through meditation or discover safer beauty and nutrition options, we can help you move FWRD on your wellness path!


Our Story

FWRD has been changing lives in RB/Poway since 2011. And just as our clients have grown and evolved over the years - so too has FWRD. Leading our community through the COVID pandemic It became clear that wellness is not simply about our bodies. Wellness encompasses our mental health, our relationships, the products that we use and the food we fuel ourselves with. That’s why we have expanded our brand to encompass a wide array of wellness options. You can still sweat and move in any number of our fitness classes but you can also connect with friends in our lounge area, find grounding through breathwork and meditation or learn about the newest safe products in nutrition and beauty.

xo, Stephanie

FWRD Teacher Team

What sets us apart? Our team. Here's what they say you can expect from class...


Kristen Beatty

Clients can expect a balanced, challenging, mindfully-planned class.


Cassie Bolten

Clients can expect to be grateful and proud of what their mind and bodies can accomplish


Abbey Cavendish

A challenging, high-energy, and motivating class where they reach their maximum potential and are proud of what they accomplish.


Stephanie Firenze

A thoughtful and musically-driven fitness experience that will move you physically and mentally and leave you feeling empowered and refreshed.


Donna Hilles

A high energy class with equal focus on alignment and fun. I want clients to feel encouraged, energized and empowered every day.


Michelle Oberto

A workout that best highlights and challenges your body’s capabilities through focused and intentional exercises and cueing.


Meghan Pattison

A full body physical workout in a calm and nurturing environment.

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